Start Programs

SeneGense Start Programs

Set Yourself up for Success During Your First 90 Days!

Your first 90 days of your SeneGence Distributorship are crucial to establishing your business and starting your journey off right! Our Jump Start and Fast Start Programs are designed to put you on the right track quickly. 

1. Jump Start Program

Jump into your Independent Distributorship and enjoy extra savings for your first 90 days!

You’ll receive a 50% discount on all personal 300 PV product orders to start off right and SAVE.

Here’s how all New Distributors can jump in:

  • You are eligible to receive a 50% discount on all personal product orders* of 300 PV ($891 AUD retail value) or more for 90 days, beginning on the day you join SeneGence. Hit the ground running and begin using our long-lasting cosmetics and anti-ageing skin care.
  • New Distributor promotion qualification is based on a rolling 90-day period, starting on your enrollment date.

*Applies to single orders over 300 PV only, with no limit on how many orders may be placed during the promotional period. Standard shipping applies to all orders. Sales aids with no PV assigned do not count toward 300 PV requirement.

2. Fast Start Program

Fast Start Program For New Distributors

Receive Over $1,800 AUD* in Free Products!

Let’s get your business up to speed! Our Fast Start Program allows you to start off on a profitable path in your first 90 days with SeneGence. Build your business, and earn valuable product sets for personal use or future Glamour Demos.



Within your first 30 days of Distributorship or sooner,
place a 1000+ PV order and receive:

  • SeneGence SkinCare Collection
  • Body Care Collection

Valued at over $530 AUD

Choose Your Formula:
Choice of Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily, Dry, or Oily to Acne SkinCare



Within your first 60 days of Distributorship or sooner,
place another 1000+ PV order (2000+ PV total) and receive:

  • Anti-Ageing Product Collection

Valued at over $610 AUD



Within your first 90 days of Distributorship or sooner,
place another 1000+ PV order (3000+ PV total) and receive:

  • SeneGence Solutions Collection

Valued at over $700 AUD


*Product selections may vary; total set values will be as advertised. Any out of stock items included in each set will be substituted with the equal retail dollar value in SeneBucks credited to the qualifying Distributor’s account.

Need Assistance?

Connect with our SeneGence® Customer Service team or find one of our experienced Distributors to answer all your questions and get started on your future career today. For more information visit our contact page.