Million Dollar Lips: A Journey into the Hearts of Women and Business

Kindle Edition

by Joni Rogers (Author), Anthony Robbins (Foreword)

There is a process to achieve what you really want in life. Living a life of your dreams requires clarity about what you want, tools and strategies to get you there and personal alignment in your emotions, desires, and beliefs. SeneGence® International CEO & Founder, Joni Rogers-Kante has dedicated her life to molding and coaching women in the direct sales world, ultimately helping them to find their clarity. Million Dollar Lips is a testimonial to Joni's journey as a businesswoman who built a company of her dreams with a strong sense of destiny. This book serves as a practical guide to help others succeed in direct sales using a nonsensical style based upon truth. She makes it evident that we all make choices in life and business, and those choices determine all that we achieve.

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