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DayTime Moisturizer (Dry)

Daily moisturizer that provides environmental protection in a unique formula that meets the precise needs of your skin type.

  • Anti-oxidant and botanical-rich treatment to help keep your face hydrated and moisturize deep into the layers of the skin
  • Contains humectants, which actually draw moisture from the air and bind it to the skin
  • Delivers vital oils and vitamins to keep skin moist throughout the day

SeneDerm DayTime Moisturizers deliver the anti-aging advantages of SenePlex Complex and vitamin E to help protect skin. Each DayTime Moisturizer formula contains unique ingredients that help to hydrate and balance your skin type.


Nourish your skin directly after washing with the 3-in-1 Cleanser. The DayTime Moisturizers provide protection from the sun equivalent to SPF 15 and act as the base upon which to apply MakeSense® Foundation. The Evening Moisturizers are made from the same ingredients as their daytime counterparts however, do not include sun protection. Instead, they offer day time SenePlex® to penetrate deeper into the skin as you sleep.

I LOVE THIS MOISTURIZER!! It's so lightweight and not greasy. I love that I can feel my skin drink it up. - Elizabeth

This product is incredible. It leaves the right amount of moisture on your skin and keeps an even layer so the skin doesn't become overly greasy in any area. It lasts forever because you hardly need an entire pump. - Stacie G.