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1- Choose to be a Customer

Option 1: Choose to become a Customer and/or Hostess, and experience our fabulous products. You can quickly connect with a Distributor near you to order product at retail (either in person or online through their website) and start enjoying long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skin care unlike anything else on the market.

Choose to be a Distributor

2- Choose to be a Distributor

Option 2: Become a Distributor and have a career that really pays - on your terms! Join SeneGence® with just a $55 investment and immediately enjoy ordering your products at 20 – 50 % off retail price plus the opportunity to earn commissions, bonuses and other fantastic rewards like trips and car allowances.

To get started:

  1. Sign-up with SeneGence

New Distributor Kit (NDK) / Application Fee: $55



  1. Choose Your New Distributor Pack (Optional)




$1,195 USD ($3,500 value)
               SAVE Over 65%              
Best Value!


$ignificant $ene$eller PACK

$795 USD ($1,830 value)

    SAVE Over 55%   


Qualified Distributor PACK

$345 USD ($830 value)
SAVE Over 50%


 Glamour Demo PACK

$295 USD ($1000 Retail value)

GDK is designed especially for group Glamour Demonstrations, includes $1,000 (retail value) of SenseCosmetics products and supplies to use for samples and testers. Everything in the LIPS Kit and much, much more!



$75 USD (over $200 value)

The LIPS Kit is designed for one-on-one presentations, including tester products and sample sizes of our most popular LipSense® colors and permanent-line products.





*Included Products Subject to Change

Distributor Product Replacement Program

Replaces Distributor's product up to $5,000 in retail value in the event of covered loss or destruction of inventory. See complete program description details at