The Make Sense Foundation


SeneGence is about empowering women. It's about providing an opportunity to look and feel more beautiful with amazing products, as well as to invest in a career where the sky is the limit. The products and career have affected and changed many lives.

The Make Sense Foundation® (MSF) was created by Joni Rogers-Kante in 2002. As a non-profit organization, it is separate from SeneGence, but works closely with its parent company. The idea was to give back to communities which helped so many Distributors in their own careers - sharing collective success through community involvement.



The Make Sense Foundation has donated time, creativity, services and funds to a plethora of deserving organizations including:


To view a comprehensive list of all of the organizations The Make Sense Foundation has benefited, visit

SeneGence offers fabulous merchandise and gifts for sale with profits going to the MSF who will then donate to the next worthy cause. Currently, 100% of all donations go directly to an array of other non-profit organizations, while the entire operating expense is offset by funds generated from sales of MakeSense Foundation products and select LipSense “cause” shades. These amazing products produce more than just beauty because a portion of every sale is donated to The Make Sense Foundation. SeneGence Independent Distributors can contribute to the foundation by donating a portion of their commission checks, purchasing SeneSential Distributor Training Packages, signing up new Distributors and participating in various fundraising events and activities held throughout the year.

Distributors and communities can nominate an organization for donation consideration by contacting the Make Sense Foundation. To date, the MSF has donated to dozens of organizations from coast to coast, Alaska to Arkansas, through the generosity of Distributors, community fundraisers and donations. The MSF intends to continue to give to those in need by donating much-needed funds directly to organizations supporting women and children in crisis for years to come.

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